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Vallejo's Transport Inc., family owned and operated by President/CEO Humberto Vallejo, specializes in commercial and residential transport. We have been providing transportation and logistics services in Southern California since 2006. Our mission is to provide prompt, efficient, reliable transportation and logistics services to our dedicated customers.


Our Vision

We aim to provide safe, reliable transportation services, whether it be residential delivery and appliance installation , or commercial hauling and transport. Our dedicated team of professionals strives to be the most successful transportation company in Southern California and continue to improve our share of the market by offering fast, efficient, and affordable transport. 

Company Values

Through our fleet of transport vehicles, we are one of the leading one-stop transport and delivery companies servicing Southern California - from Los Angeles and the Ventura County line, to Orange County, the Inland Empire, and San Diego.

Vallejo's Transport Inc. aims to maintain our foothold in the SoCal market by:

- Providing excellent customer service 

- Offering superior transport services while tailoring to our clients needs

- Developing new and innovative ways to safely and effectively transport our clients cargo

- Appointing highly qualified and licensed staff

In early 2020, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Vallejo's Transport Inc. worked with the U.S. government to transport medical supplies including masks, gloves, respirators, and other important in-demand medical equipment to hospitals and medical agencies throughout the state.


Our Dedicated Clients

We currently have a fleet of 12 Straight Box Trucks, 5 Full Flatbed vehicles, and 3 tractor power units available for all your transportation needs. We currently provide services for the following dedicated companies:

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